How to speedup woocommerce with many products

How to speedup woocommerce with many products

14:01 31 January in Web development, Wordpress
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Woocommerce is a great plugin for WordPress, which enables users to take a WordPress site and convert it into a full fledged e-commerce site.


As you woocommerce store grows in size with 10K+ products your store really starts to slow down  as well as the admin dashboard, We will focus on optimizing the order and product pages in this post.
To optimize the product and order pages all you have to do is go to:
wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php and edit function post_custom_meta_box and comment the line meta_form( $post ); in the function. What it does is it disables the part of the page that lets you add certain custom meta values but reduces your page load time drastically, upto 5x faster.


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